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Due to corona, Bangladesh Travel agencies cancelled their upcoming tours

বৃত্ত-Britto Travel & Tourism, Shopnojatra Travel Group স্বপ্নযাত্রা, ভবঘুরে, Trip Bd(ট্রিপ বিডি)..Adventure & Tourism, Country Tourism Bangladesh and other renowned travel agencies cancelled their upcoming travel to several destinations, which will effect the vacation at 26th march due to spread of corona virus ( COVID – 19)

The pandemic is spreading world wide and countries are trying to stop it from all of their possible ways. Bangladesh also started to take some steps already, which includes school, college and all other educational institutions will be off till 31st march 2020

The travel agencies makes a big roll on taking the level of Bangladesh tourism sector, so this is one of the toughest but very noble step for them to prevent all travelling and spreading this pandemic

TOB ( Travelers of Bangladesh (ToB) ) which is one of the biggest and oldest travel community based in facebook, also taken steps to stop people from gathering and travelling to any destinations.

If we take our self steps, like no travelling, no shaking hands, cleaning hands frequently and no gathering for next couple of days, these may help you to keep away from this pandemic

Stay safe and keep your family safe

Information: ভ্রমনগুরু

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